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Cyber Crime

CIU Cyber Crime Unit

Every 2 minutes someone in the UK is a victim of a cyber crime.

Fraud and online cyber crime increased by 16% between 2012 and 2013. It was up again by 15 per cent in the first half of this year.

Between January and June, almost £250million was taken by online fraudsters. In these 6 months alone, £36million was lost through online banking – up 59% from the year before.

This is typically where customers receive an email that appears to be from their bank – but when they click on it, they are taken to a fake website and duped into giving away their details.

Alternatively, their computer may be infected with a virus, which reads the personal information kept on it.

Over the same six months, £175million was lost through purchases made online, over the phone or by mail order – up 23 per cent from last year. These may be out-and-out scams, where someone dupes a customer into paying for goods and services that don’t exist, or crooks who use your card details to buy something.

Many police officers have been frank in describing how they have been struggling to cope with this rise in online crime.

The Cyber Investigation Unit was set up especially to help those that aren’t getting the help they need elsewhere, our specialist cyber investigators can’t always get your money back for you but they can provide valuable information which can lead to the prosecution of these criminals.

So if you feel you have been the victim of a cyber crime contact our specialist unit today to start doing something about it