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Horrific Online Dating Messages Revealed

A new Instagram account setup under the pseudonym  Bye Felipe is naming and shaming men who send “creepy or weird messages” to females who ignore or refuse their attempted advances. Highlighting the potential dangers of online dating.

The account is being used by women to display and expose the horrific messages they regularly receive on online dating websites from men who feel snubbed. Exposing their real character and what nuisances they really are.

Female online daters are being urged to send messages to the account, which then proceeds to post the offensive conversation online for the world to see.

Dozens of female online daters have sent messages to the account, which then posts the conversation online for the world to see.

potential dangers of online dating bye felipe

In some horrific examples, one user is seen to write: “Yeahhhh (sic) so I have come to the conclusion that you are a class A b****. With toe nail fungus and you probably like to eat chetoes while you watch reruns of gossip girl.”

Another rejected man sends the message: “Nah don’t like you stank attitude you seem lIke the typical low class white american c*** with a false sense of entitlement. Big turn off and stop msgingme with your receeding hairline and weird bent nose just looked at your pics.”

One snubbed male writes: “Lol presumptuous s***… With a face like that no wonder hardly anyone contacts you ya f**** pretentious hipster s***. Go eat a gender neutral ginger bread person and save the world lol.”

The female, who posted the conversation on bye felipe, replies: “Um you messaged me first,” then he comes back with “Go and cut your face off with broken glass.”

Whilst the majority of these messages are just highlighting the large proportion of morons that there are using online dating websites, there is a more sinister side.

Clearly some of these men have darker issues and violent thoughts and who is to stay that if you were to meet them they wouldn’t act out on them if you “said the wrong thing”.

Clearly internet dating has it’s dangers, and that is where the peace of mind of a CIU background check can help.

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